About the show

Applying to Everything is a general interest, interview style podcast. A show about the things folks are passionate about, and what that looks like in the world, especially where their different passions overlap. We’re covering: education, superheroes, politics, cooking, improv, coding, relationships, acting, therapy, music, math, and everything in between.

With your host, Bruno Falcon, Applying to Everything promises a look deep under the hood of our shared social experience, and completely mundane surface goofing for everyone to enjoy.


The Host

Bruno Falcon is a lifelong student, producer, and thinker. From his early start as a marine biologist, paleontologist, worrier-magician days (between 4 and 12) he moved into media production and philosophy. An avid and voracious consumer of everything life has to throw at him, Bruno started Applying to Everything to share this with the world.

When you talk to people about their passions, you cannot help but be engaged. You start to see more of yourself, perhaps not in the subject, but in the energy and the life that those passions stir in us all.

Bruno is 28, a resident of Washington, D.C. and a massive nerd.