Baking, Design, Balance, Podcasts


Baking, Design, Balance, Podcasts

This week I sit down with Chiara, to talk about design, baking, and how we make art.


Chiara is a DC based graphic designer who has somehow found a way to combine her background in design and advertising with her interests in politics and advocacy work. Chiara’s upbringing spanned from years in Italy to Arizona before becoming an east coaster. She still considers herself an Italian Arizonan more than anything else.

When she is not designing you can often find Chiara baking something slightly complicated but always delicious. Her love of baking is rooted in finding a unique outlet to cope with stress and anxiety. And definitely not her incessant need to please everyone by feeding them things. Her other interests span from endless hours of TV watching to typography to telling people how much she loves to drink water.

Chiara would like to thank her mother, her father, Joe Biden and Beyonce’s Lemonade for inspiring her to be compassionate person. This is part of Chiara’s acceptance speech should she ever win an Oscar. She has no plans to enter the film industry.

Chiara thinks she’s really funny, and you can follow Chiara on twitter and instagram @ChiarawithaK. 

Bruno Falcon