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Comedy, Outlook, Culture, Podcasts

This week I sit down with Gigi, to talk about comedy, native identity, and kicking ass on stage and on skates.


Gigi Modrich is a small town girl trying to make a living in the big city. Indian law practitioner by day, comedienne and roller derby queen by night. Real life Indian day and night. When she’s not hitting women on the track as Nasty Pelosi, she’s hitting mics in Virginia, DC, Maryland, and New York working to make a name for herself on the comedy scene. She's performed at Dangerfield's Comedy Club in NYC, the DC Improv, Drafthouse Comedy Theatre in DC, The Big Hunt with Underground Comedy, Town Tavern with Capital Laughs, and many other places throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. She's also told jokes in Orlando, Florida, Albuquerque, NM, and every shower she's ever been in. She’s sarcastically optimistic and aspires to make you laugh so hard your drink comes out your nose.

Catch her on October 27, 2017 at Broadway Comedy Club in New York City, NY for the Pussy Galore Equal Means Equal Comedy Benefit. Tickets available here.

You can also find her on the main stage at the Funny Bone Comedy Club Restaurant in Richmond, VA on November 29, 2017.

Connect with her on Instagram @gigimodrich.


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