Music, Canon, Code, Podcasts


Music, Canon, Code, Podcasts

This week, Xaq and I discuss the future of musical history, interacting with art and tech, redefining the cultural canon.


Xaq Rothman is a musician and web developer based in Washington, D.C. Xaq plays bass guitar in D.C. dream pop band Humble Fire, and creates websites for progressive non-profits with Rad Campaign. In his free time, Xaq enjoys biking, yoga, and arguing with Bruno.

Humble Fire recently released three singles from their upcoming album Builder, out July 28th, the most recent of which was featured on

Pre-order Builder:
Watch the video for "Builder"
Watch the video for "Taliesin"

Catch Humble Fire live:
8/11 - Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, D.C.
8/12 - Haybaby Cat Farm, Brooklyn, NY
8/14 - Mercury Lounge, Manhattan, NY


In case you are interested, here are links to the sources Xaq couldn't remember during the record.

Bruno Falcon